Sauna use linked to longer life
A 2015 report in JAMA Internal Medicine states regularly spending time in a sauna may keep the heart healthy and extend life
Weight Loss
Muscle Pain Relief
Improved Skin
Improved Cellulite Appearance
Improved Heart Health
Stress and Fatigue Reduction
Immune System Boost
Ease Joint Pain and Stiffness
What is infrared?
Infrared, just like the good rays of the sun, heats the inside of the body not the outside. This radiant heat is sometimes known as “fever therapy” because it goes to the cellular level and raises the body’s core temperature giving you a “healthy fever”. Fevers are designed to push the toxins out of the lymphatic system, into the bloodstream and out through elimination.
"Why this sauna? Simple. We use it."
No walking outside in the cold to a booth. No unattractive tent set up. This sauna is like fine furniture. The key to any big purchase is how often will it be used. The attractiveness means we can keep it in plain sight. The ease of use means we can utilize the health benefits daily.
Four 20 minute sessions in a sauna a week, reduces cariovascular disease, all cause mortality and alzheimer's
When the sympathetic system is dominant, adrenaline is secreted, heart rate and blood pressure increase and blood vessels constrict. The body responds as if it’s being threatened and begins to move energy away from certain functions to focus on self-preservation. As we sit in the infrared sauna, the blood vessels open, muscles relax, pain starts to subside and the body starts to actively heal. 
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Ultimate Recline
Product Dimensions

Ultimate Recline Dimensions: 29”W X 46” D X 32”H; 140 lbs
Ultimate Dimensions: 25”W X 43” D X 31”H; 120 lbs

6 Heaters
Lower Back – 9 layer Tru-Infra Carbon Fiber Heater Through Tourmaline
Floor Heater -Full Floor 9 layer Tru-Infra Carbon Fiber Heater
Under Bench – Near Infrared Heat Lamp
Right Front – 9 layer Tru-infra Carbon Fiber Heater
Left Front – 9 layer Tru-infra Carbon Fiber Heater
Front Heater – Tecoloy Titanium Heater

Electrical Specifications: 120V/946W/8.3AMP (Plugs into a normal household socket)

The Ultimate Infrared Saunas are a “Paradigm Shift” in infrared sauna technology.
Within the most advanced sauna on the market we combine six high quality patented heaters with extremely low EMF technology that literally surrounds your body as it absorbs the infrared rays. Couple that with the open design, no limits or constraints of time and the ability to remain productive, watching TV, reading or working on your laptop. In fact it makes the perfect desk. It’s everything you need in one small footprint.